Anti Hero is an electronic album for open minds and if you haven’t got one of those, one listen to this album will open your mind up completely.“

„Mother is a definite highlight of the album, all stuttering beats over an insane wash of feedback as is Godwasinme, a brooding spacey track awash with a sense of atmospheric dread that could feature in any thriller or horror movie, no doubt the work of Boris Bergmann, in fact a lot of the album could double for soundtracking film scenes such is its scope.“

Wild Style Lion make the kind of blissed out psychedelic electronic music that is perfect for hazy late nights and when mixed with a wailing wall of sound makes for an intoxicating blend… this album is something of an alternative music and counter culture event piece.“


„The band’s debut album is a dark, occasionally harrowing body of work built up from sludgy guitars, restrained beats and synths that would typically belong to darkwave. The trick here is density – instrumental tracks like Godwasinme rely on intense layers to deliver their emotional impact, while the heavy processing of the instruments add textural grit to melodic sources.“

„Blues and garage rock reference points abound across Wild Style Lion, but there’s a conscious push into psych and krautrock territory.“

„The highlight is Grey Sedan, a dirge- like blues number with guitar and synth interplay that sounds like the group are making shapes out of pure electricity, while vaguely glam, stomping processed drums add an unswerving weightiness to the track. The album includes two versions of Grey Sedan – one where Khan does his best insectoid impression of Suicide’s Alan Vega, and another where Kim Gordon steps in and sounds trapped somewhere between detached seductress and the doomed first victim of a teen slasher movie.“


„There’s a real sense of space in this music; even with cheap airline ear buds I feel like I’m in a large and ominous sonic space.“

„This record is intense and engaging, just don’t do any semi-illegal chemicals until you’ve heard it at least once.“

Carl F Gauze, INK 19 – Australia/USA