“Who Else but You” – a Hölderlin Evening

+++ all performances in Germany, Estonia and Slovenia are cancelled due to the current situation (Corona)+++

Friedrich Hölderlin’s latest poems are considered enigmatic and mysterious.

Are these tower poems creations of a madman and hence difficult to decipher?

Or are they the last glimmer of the outstanding poetic spirit who often signed his lines with Unterthänigst, Scardanelli?

The poet Stefan Zweig describes Hölderlin’s special tone in these poems like this:

“… driven by the random wind of emotion, absolutely improvisational, images float musically up and over”.

The actress Silvina Buchbauer leads into the world of the late Hölderlin. She reads a selection of these wondrous poems which Boris Bergmann juxtaposes with his own musical version of the “Scardanelli Lieder ohne Worte” on the piano. Bergmann’s “Hölderlin Sonata” on the other hand is inspired by the “Hyperion”. In three movements it takes up different moods and aspects which Silvina Buchbauer completes with selected passages from the famous epistolary novel.

“Cabaret Cabaret”

+++ all performances in Germany and Slovenia are cancelled due to the current situation (Corona)+++

a German-Slovenian evening with chansons, poems and songs